Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day

There is a poem I have always loved about May Day that I used to do in Calligraphy. It goes like this:

Do you remember back in childhood
How we loved the first of May
When left out flower-filled baskets
On doorsteps, then ran away?

Do you remember how the gayest basket
Was for the one we loved the best.
And in it were the blossoms
that were fairer than the rest:

Such a beautiful and gracious custom
Somehow lost along the way.
But its memories come surging
As we welcome in the May.

May Day in Hawaii is a big deal. It is called "Lei Day" here. Free orchid leis are given away at local shopping malls and many people wear flowers on this day. In the schools, the children put on colorful productions with singing and dancing. Happy Lei Day everyone!

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  1. oh, i'll bet that's a beautiful sight to see everyone wearing orchids! wishing you a very happy lei day...enjoy! :)