Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Flowers Are Beautiful

This painting was painted with watercolors on my arches hot press paper and then enhanced with some color pencils. I love this quote and have done it now about three different times. It so applies to life as well as flowers.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Cross

I drew the cross in InDesign and then transferred it to Photoshop, where I filled the border with lilac color, then drew and painted the flowers on Arches Watercolor paper and joined the two of them in Photoshop. Then added my lettering. Sending Easter Blessings to you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snowy Woods

Well this image came in a little small but I guess it is readable. I have always loved this poem, the last line is so beautiful and has so many applications and connotations for life. I came across a framed one in my closet that I had done many years ago. Today I decided to redo it. Painting a snow picture is actually appropriate here in Spokane today. It has snowed all week and although it is not sticking to the ground, we have seen WAY too much of the white stuff. Hope it is more spring like where you are!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hibiscus Wreath

This is a watercolor I did recently using a stencil from "A Place in Time" in Kailua, Hawaii. A Place in Time is a wonderful craft, stamp store and it is where I teach when I am in Hawaii. They design and fabricate their own stencils out of really thin plastic. I imagine that there are a billion ways to use a stencil but I decided to try my watercolors on Arches Hot Press paper. I think it turned out so nice. Then I had to add a word in Copperplate, it just fit within the circle. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Grandchild Journal

One of my new friends, Patti, asked me to design a journal where she could keep all the darling things that her grandson, Kyler, says to her. Isn't that a great idea? He calls her "Gram-Gram!"
So I used crayons with lots of pressure and wrote the words like I thought a small child would write, backward letters and everything. Plus I used six layers of different papers and card stock to signify many letters from her special little person. Then I added a "I Love You" charm and navy ribbon. The navy ribbon is so secure that you can actually grab it to open the cover. She has not seen it yet but hope she loves it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Flags

This weekend I gave a big 6-0 party for my hubby. When I was in Hawaii, I picked up these cute flag die cuts for the Big Shot Machine. They had about 10 different flag shapes in the package. In just a few seconds in the machine, it cuts the flag shape, embosses the edge, and cuts the small slits for the toothpick. Ah, great idea, right? I get back to Spokane and there is not a Big Shot machine to be had in the whole city. I went to one Michael's and then I called 6 stores!!! Sigh. So then my daughter and I, hand cut 100 flags. It took a lot longer and they were not as professional but they still looked cute on top of the cupcakes!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Glory of God

I posted the first of this artwork on Saturday but was not happy with it. I relettered it this morning at, oh, 5 am and here is final result. I think the circle worked out a bit better this time! Ah, we are our own worst critics!! Have a happy week. I probably will not post for a few days, moving back to Washington. Busy, busy. Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. xoxo

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I just purchased this stencil at A Place in Time in Kailua, HI. They make all their own stencils there and it is very thin. Probably one of the easiest stencils I have ever used. This is a Monstera Leaf which grows wild here and is so beautiful.

Here is my tribute:
For a memorable season in Hawaii, sending out all my love and blessings,

To Donna, Wes and Krislyn,
To Maude, Suz, Maria, Jane, Kim and all my students,
To Priscilla, Bill and Art,
To Penny
To Kathy and Walt,
To Cec,
To Brian, game watches and all the Zags,
To Lisa
You fill my life with love, friendship and adventure,
I can't even begin to tell you what you mean to me!
thank you, thank you , thank you
Aloha just for now.