Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Small Book

It was so coincidental when I read Lori's post at http://www.elviestudio.blogspot.com/. She had just finished making some paste paper and I had done the same thing about a week ago. I had not made any paste paper for several years and that I tackled it in my small kitchen is nothing short of a miracle. I mixed up two shades of blue and one shade of yellow/gold and mixed it together. Then I used my pasta tool to make marks! Nothing like grabbing whatever is handy in the kitchen! I put the paste paper on a sheet of white Bazzil card stock and the first one I made buckled so the second one I pinned it to my art board. Notice the small holes in each corner of the sheet.

After it was dry, I used it to make the covers of a little book and did a stitch binding using ribbon.


  1. your paste paper turned out great, jan!!! that's quite a coincidence that we both had paste paper on our brains! and what's even funnier is that today i made a little book out of mine too!!! how's that for great minds thinking alike?!!!! your book is beautiful!! xox, :))

  2. Pretty paste paper Jan! (and just like Lori, you did it perfectly - no mud!)