Thursday, August 26, 2010


This week I have been making some Calligraphic sayings for the Gallery in Idaho. One of those was this one, "Dancing Star." The top stars are made out of hand painted paper. I started with white Canson paper and then used a palette knife with teal, cobalt, gold and purple and just spread it all over the paper. Each star, then, becomes a little different depending on where it is cut out of the colors of the paper. May you all have a little chaos and give birth to the creativity of the dancing star.


  1. Lovely quote and lettering Jan! (How long is the gestation period for Chaos?!) :)

  2. yes, i'm with jane.....does chaos have an expiration date?!! it sure seems like it hangs around my studio for looooong periods of time!!! heehee. your artwork is lovely, jan, and i know that it will look beautiful in the idaho gallery!!! happy weekend to you! xox, :))