Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Geese

Sometime back in a previous blog, I put up this quote. I never was happy with the artwork so this week, I redesigned the whole thing and drew better geese. It was just for me but you know, most of us are perfectionists! Have a happy week!


  1. Your new geese are wonderful Jan, as is your lettering! I love the background too. So, I am curious....why do you not "dot" the "i"s in your pieces?

  2. Hi, Jane, what a great question! When I first learned calligraphy ( I was 16 years old) my teacher told me that it was my choice to dot or not to dot! I personally don't like the look of a long piece of calligraphy with slashes everywhere over the i's so I chose not to and here we are almost 50 years later. I do dot in Copperplate but it is such a hard habit to break at this point! So many thanks for all your appreciating words!

  3. Well, that explains it! Thanks, Jan. I can see where the dots could be a distraction. :)