Sunday, April 3, 2011


I just purchased this stencil at A Place in Time in Kailua, HI. They make all their own stencils there and it is very thin. Probably one of the easiest stencils I have ever used. This is a Monstera Leaf which grows wild here and is so beautiful.

Here is my tribute:
For a memorable season in Hawaii, sending out all my love and blessings,

To Donna, Wes and Krislyn,
To Maude, Suz, Maria, Jane, Kim and all my students,
To Priscilla, Bill and Art,
To Penny
To Kathy and Walt,
To Cec,
To Brian, game watches and all the Zags,
To Lisa
You fill my life with love, friendship and adventure,
I can't even begin to tell you what you mean to me!
thank you, thank you , thank you
Aloha just for now.



  1. Thanks, Jan! You will be missed here in Hawaii. :( A piece of my heart will be in Spokane until you return. xoxo

  2. Jan: Thanks for the lovely words and beautiful leaves.
    We will treasure fond memories
    ...until we meet again.
    In the meantime ..look for the mail.
    Love you lots,