Monday, November 21, 2011

New Flower Vase

Hi, this is one of my new flower vases. It also looks pretty with a little votive candle inside. My big, huge, artshow this weekend was an unmitigated disaster except I was able to spend the weekend with my precious daughter from California. On Saturday I thought I was going to throw all my work in the waste basket and hang it up. On Sunday I got excited about recreating myself. Who knows what today will bring. Have a great day every one!!


  1. oh my gosh, i go through this all the time!! i keep my trash can emptied at all times just in case i need to fill it up with whatever project i'm working on at the moment!!

    your flower vase is beautiful, jan.......try to remember that ALL of your artwork is fabulous!!

    have a very blessed thanksgiving, sweet artist!! xoxo

  2. Oh no - sorry to hear that - it is so depressing when things don't go well...I've been there, believe me....and I so know abour re-inventing yourself....I've often thought of how I can freshen up what I do...I've said there will be big changes in the New Year....what those will be aren't set in stone yet....but this too shall pass for you...and you will get past it and better things will come.

  3. Your vase/candle holder is beautiful Jan! I'm sorry your big show left you feeling down. I get the sense that you create for an Audience of One, and I believe He is well pleased with your offerings. Don't let the world get you down. ((Hugs))