Monday, March 23, 2009

Art Journal

Whispers Art Journal
After moving to Hawaii in December, I was experiencing a creative block.  I left behind my light table and my studio on the mainland.  In Somerset studio, I read about the book, Taking Flight, by Kelly Rae Roberts.  I bought it and so began a new phase in my creative life.  I started creating again and learned about Kelly's artblog and then started this one of my own.
Creating this journal from the covers of two hardbound books, taught me several different processes to add to my artwork.  I learned about fusing fabric, using clear gel medium and adding acrylic paint with a brayer.  Of  course I had to add some letter to my collage.  Shown here are some of the pages. After the creation of the Whispers Journal, the sole purpose was to write down some of the whispers that my soul is receiving.  Whispers like "write more poetry, write a novel, possibly about a beagle, draw a beagle cartoon, paint Hawaiian flowers and start an Artblog. Nothing like having an ambitious list, at least this is the start of the artblog.  One down many whispers to go!

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