Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrating Babies

I have always loved designing artwork for babies.  There is something so much fun about attaching little blocks and teddy bears to treasure boxes, greeting cards and baby journals.  But my baby journals have a meaning and a story behind them.  I once read an article about a teenage girl who had been struggling with depression and self esteem.  She thought no one loved her and had even thought about suicide.  Her mom was worried about her and remembered that she had written her daughter letters from the time she was pregnant, through her birth and childhood.  One day, when the young girl was at school, her mom put all those letters on top of her bed.  When she got home from school she started reading and crying, knowing how much she had been loved and wanted all along.  Thinking again that what we use should be beautiful, I designed a baby journal just for parents to picture or write about that precious new life that has been added to their life.  

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  1. Hello fellow calligrapher!! I never got the opportunity to take a class with Dick Beasly--oh how fortunate you are! Your blog is beautiful and so are your letterforms. Love the art journal. I love it when just a bit of calligraphy is thrown in. Love your banner.