Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choose Wisely

Isn't this a great poem about the consequences of choosing one over another? Take moving to Hawaii for instance. It seemed like such a great idea 14 years ago when my first granddaughter was born. That decision has impacted so many people, especially my daughter who lives in California. I don't always weigh or even know all those consequences. I don't always choose so wisely!


  1. My mother uprooted us from Louisiana during my sophomore year of high school. She effectively dislodged us from everything I'd known since I was an infant. I resented her so much for her decision.

    HOWEVER...if we hadn't moved, I wouldn't have my son. So many factors we may never see until several years after the fact, and so many more we may never see at all!

  2. I really like this composition. The delicacy of the watercolor is a perfect compliment to the poem -- just a hint of the trees and hills. Lovely.