Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayers for a Family

Sometime last week, because of my neighbor Donna and her tweets, I learned about a very sick little baby boy here on Oahu. He had pertussis ( whooping cough), pneumonia and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). I found his mom's blog and started reading about him on the internet. His mother is a very strong Christian and she was asking for prayers for her 8 week old baby. I immediately started praying for Gavin, day and night, asking God for a miracle for him. He died yesterday after such a brave fight. Now my heart and prayers go out to his family for comfort and peace in their profound loss.


  1. Oh my. Bless that mama's heart. So sad. I will be praying for that family.

    Beautiful card.


  2. It truly was a terrible loss and it just breaks my heart. Thanks for partnering with me (and the thousands of others on the Internet) who prayed for Baby Gavin. Let's continue to pray for peace for the family. <3