Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday in the Islands

Good morning Everyone is blogger land. No posts this week. Have had out of town company from the Mainland. However, a new wrinkle today is the HUGE earthquake last night in Chile. They expect a Tsunami today in the Hawaiian Islands. The first warning of one since 1994. We are putting water in bottles, vases, buckets. Other than that we are just going to hunker down and stay put. Not near water so that is good. Please pray for Hawaii and for Chile. Love you all.


  1. When I heard the news, I immediately thought of you Jan. I am praying for shelter and safety for you and everyone impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. ((hugs))

  2. i echo everything that jane thoughts immediately went to you!! i'm glad you're in a safe area, jan.....praying for you! :))