Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Blessings

I love this quote and so applicable to me because I live in two different cities. My heart is always in both places. I always hold my loved ones in my heart. Thank you so much for your prayers for me and all the people affected by the Earthquakes and Tsunami's. We had a couple of tense hours in the morning from about 9 to 11 am and watched the Tsunami come to Hilo on television. It was so fascinating watching the tide going out so fast and then coming back again but it was not long before the threat was downgraded. Sunday blessings for sure.


  1. i'm so happy to hear that you're all safe and sound after the threat of the tsunami.....answered prayer, for sure!! your artwork is lovely, have done a wonderful quote beautiful justice!! :)))

  2. I am so thankful there wasn't more damage done by the earthquake and tsunami, and that you are safe Jan! Another lovely piece! :)