Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hawaii Studio

Here is a quick little video of my Hawaii Studio. Due to my lack of knowledge making videos sometimes you have to keep clicking it when it stops. Sorry. (: Have a great weekend.


  1. Great video, Jan! I love your studio. It's so cozy and always enjoy having a cup of tea with you there!

  2. Hi Jan,

    Your video played just fine on my computer. You did a good job. I'm jealous that you have a studio. lol. Very nice. Maybe someday I'll have one too. Thanks for showing it.


  3. well, you can now add "videographer" to your list of accomplishments....great job! it was fun hearing your sweet voice! your studio is wonderful.....and SO organized.....can i tempt you with some chocolate to help me whip my studio into shape....?!! xox, :))

  4. I *do* like it! Thanks for sharing your lovely studio with us Jan. A Murphy bed is a great idea! I enjoyed hearing your voice...a bit of a northern accent? :)

  5. Hi Jan:
    Missing you already so was nice to get the tour and hear your voice.
    Hope to talk again soon- when you are settled.