Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Sunday Blessing

I have always loved this Scripture verse and wanted to do it in a new way. The little words are my italic hand but the larger words are done with a copperplate pen. I have not done copperplate in over a year and I am so rusty! I hope the message is a blessing despite some of the presentation. Happy Sunday.


  1. Hi Jan,

    I like this verse too, and I like the way you contrasted the words "bless - shine - peace" using color and size with the smaller Italic. Nice job, and Happy Sunday to you too. Linda E.

  2. Oh Jan, that is so very beautiful. The minister I had at my church for the first 25 years of my life always said that at the end of each service, and then walked back up the aisle. Beautiful, beautiful job.

  3. your presentation is beautiful, jan......and so is your copperplate!!! you've taken one of my favorite Verses, and made it stunning!! xox, :))