Saturday, June 5, 2010


I know all you artists will relate to this problem that I had with this artwork. I got this idea in my head about the RAINBOW letters being all rainbow colored and that I could make that happen. Not. So ended up putting the letters over the rainbow instead. Not sure if it works or not.

As for the saying, I love it. When I was a young mom I had to do a lot of canning, cleaning, cooking. I don't think I took the children to see enough rainbows. To have a peek into my soul of my past life, here is a poem I wrote at the time my children were small. Did not have this direction in mind when I started this blog. Sometimes, they take on a life of their own. Sending love and blessings . . .

"I'm Canning as Fast as I Can"

How I hate canning!
I've been in this kitchen since early June.
The days count by in jars -- not weeks --
strawberries, cherries, apricots,
green beans, peas, corn,
grape juice, peaches, pears.
And now it is September and I'm still here . . .
slaving away.
Just one more jar of applesauce to fill,
so I can reach my 400 jar quota for the year.
I'm so tired,
and hot,
surrounded by steaming kettles,
and mounds of fresh vegetables from the garden
until I want to scream!
My children are fretful
and bored.
I want to play with them,
to take them to the park
or to the swimming pool.
They'll grow up so fast!
And will they remember that I couldn't
ever play with them?
I'm feeding their growing bodies
but starving their little souls.

Inside this jar
drips applesauce
and tears. "

© 1989 Janet Jonathan

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