Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Sunday in SanFrancisco

Hubby and I are here in San Francisco because our daughter went to Europe and we are taking care of her 10 year old twin boys (plus two cats and two rabbits!) Very fun. Takes me back to being a mom when mine were this age. They are smart and amusing. One of them told me the other day that he "hardly EVER gets full except on occasions like Thanksgiving." Hollow legs both of them! So saying hello out there to all of you and today you just get words but no pictures, sorry, no scanner here.


  1. Enjoy your time together Jan! My mom always enjoyed our kids best when I was around to ruin her spoiling of them! haha

  2. have fun with your grandkids.....and enjoy being in san francisco!!! i love your rainbow artwork....i think that the lettering on the color works great! xox, :))