Saturday, December 4, 2010

Iris Folding

This week I learned how to do Iris folding from my friend, Suz. It was really fun. The hardest part was cutting out the shape of the Kimono. Using a mat knife is not one of my many talents. The folds are all put on from the back and it is such a neat surprise to turn it over. I always thought Iris folding like the flower but no, my friend, Suz explained, Iris folding like the iris of a camera lens or the eye. Have a happy day!


  1. Wow Jan. You used some beautiful papers on this. Very Nice. Linda E.

  2. This is beautiful....can't believe it's your first one...Great job.

  3. I wondered where the term iris folding came from! Very nice work, Jan! And of course, I'm loving it even more because it's a kimono! :)

  4. Jan:
    Nice to see your kimono on display. You were a very quick 'student' LOL

    Lovely spending time with you today.

  5. This is beautiful Jan. I've seen iris folding before but never tried it myself.