Thursday, March 31, 2011

They Drew A Circle

We formed a small (just three of us) craft club here in Hawaii. I was told this is a "Hui" ! Cool I learned a new Hawaiian word! So fun. Yesterday in the middle of it, I was talking about working on a circle piece for this blog. My friend, Maude, said that reminded her of a quote that she thought I would like so she wrote it down for me. It was so relevant, so tender, so poignant, that I cried. I had to do it in calligraphy. I changed the middle words a little bit from the original.


  1. Jan, I am working with circles at the moment. The quote, your beautiful calligraphy and artwork move me deeply. Thank you!

  2. your calligraphy is amazing! i enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  3. Just beautiful Jan! Hope your transition back to the mainland goes well!!