Monday, May 11, 2009

Changing Studio Locations

In December of 2008, I retired from my Calligraphy business in Spokane, Washington to move to Hawaii to be close to my son and four adorable Grandchildren. For now, we moved just for the winter months. I love Hawaii so much and had such a great winter going to basketball games, school plays, chapel services and classrooms. It was another chance to be like a mom.

But making major life altering transitions all at once proved to be a little stressful. My next door neighbor in Hawaii first introduced me to blogging and then I found Art Blogging and giving me back my creativity has been so good for me.

But my hubby has family in the Pacific Northwest and it is not a good time to sell houses so yesterday we moved back to Spokane for summer. Even though there are many people that I miss in Hawaii, it is good to see my long time Washington friends here and be in my expanded studio. Can't wait to unpack so I can start creating again! But just for now, here is my soon-to-be in full blossom Flowering Cherry Tree.

1 comment:

  1. So great to see you hit the ground running! :) You are so fortunate to have the best of both worlds in Spokane and in Hawaii.

    Can't wait to see what wonders you create in your studio in Spokane - and do show us another photo of that beautiful cherry blossom tree when it's in full bloom. I love sakura.

    Take care and keep creating!