Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jan designs Retail Store

From 1982 to 2001, I had a retail store location in Spokane, Washington. Called Jan designs, I offered my work for sale, graphic design services and produced work in my studio. I kept regular hours from 10AM to 6PM, tuesday through Saturday.

Rent kept getting more and more expensive and after 9-11, retail sales dropped off dramatically. In late fall of 2001, I decided to have an addition built onto the side of our home. My work commute went form 30 minutes down to walking through a door. That was great.

After 29 years of wholesale and retail art shows, keeping store hours and doing consignment jobs I decided to retire in the fall of 2008. But since I am redoing my Washington Studio this week, I wanted to share the "before pictures" of my retail store when it was in full swing.


  1. WOW, look at all your art!!! Wish I could have seen it all up close! I also LOVE the piece in the previous blog. We did something like that is Reggie's class. I should blog mine. This one is great and I love that quote.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on the graduation video. You were sweet to even watch it since you don't know him. Thanks, Jan!

  2. I haven’t been to any art retail store, really. I guess I’ve been too busy with my work and stuff…Anyway, I can see vintage stuff and all that there in your shop. Why did you stop working on it in 2001? It looks like your store was successful. How do you manage to store your collection, btw?